The Complete Picture

Providing sound financial advice tailored to each individual situation is a very important part of what we strive to do. Many times, our clients come to us for advice on assets they have outside of our control such as company sponsored retirement plans such as 401K's. Most advisors are able to provide advice on their client company plans but they are only able to do so in a "snapshot". What we mean by that is they do not have the capability to provide ongoing advice on the plan because they do not possess the technology to track it. We at Clearview Financial Group have invested in the technology that allows us to not only track your plan but also manage it in some instances. We do that with the goal to help ensure that every aspect of your financial word is working together for you. Our research has showed us that clients not only want advice on their 401K and employer sponsored plans but also want their advisor to manage it for them to ensure proper allocation adjustments based on suitability and risk tolerance as markets and goals change. The financial markets the last few years have drawn people to this service. Now clients can receive this additional feature as part of their overall strategy.